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     Glenn Baldwin is a craftsmen with 39 years in the trade. He started in the sheet metal fabricator union in 1965 where he worked for 20 plus years. One of his positions was as superintendent for Beverly Pacific Corporation. This company was the premier refrigeration and ice floor producers for many years until Glenn left to start his own company, Design Form in 1981, and the owner retired.

     Glenn built a computer in 1964 which he received honors and scholarships to Cal Poly Tech. College. He continued to self educate himself as a teenager working on and building the classic cars for theCarpenters and rebuilding transmissions for all types of equipment. If there was not a challenge, Glenn did not want it. He only wanted to learn new things to add to the things he had already learned.

     This philosophy still permeates his interest. He was an outstanding service trouble shooter and has been around the world solving all kinds of installation problems. His blend of mechanical and common sense with a working understanding of how things work and why as well as what has worked in the past, makes him invaluable to any situation. No wonder he is called the "Metaldoc".